Mission Statement

The mission of the Bomber Booster Club is to encourage the development and maintenance of a quality athletic program at Macomb High School. It also strives to stimulate community interest and pride in the student-athletes and teams.

The Macomb Bomber Boosters were formed on 4/8/1974.

By-Laws, Board/Officers, Meetings, Purchases, FAQ, Advertising


At present, the club has the following committees:

    • Concessions
    • Membership
    • Spirit Merchandise
    • Scholarship
    • Advertising
    • Website


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Macomb High School

Macomb High School is in Macomb, IL and is the high school of School District 185.

More information can be found at the Macomb High School Athletics Webpage.

Sports team schedules are housed at il.8to18.com/macomb. You may also use the Team Schedules page at the top.


Bomber Booster Club, PO Box 245, Macomb, IL 61455


Website: www.bombersports.org   This was moved to a WordPress format on 5/27/2015. The site is hosted at 1and1.com.

Webmaster (update): Brandon John is the new webmaster, as of March 2023. Jim Olsen, the webmaster from 2015 to 2023, is still helping during the transition. Please report errors, suggestions, and corrections to Brandon.




BY-LAWS OF THE MACOMB BOMBER BOOSTER CLUB Article 1 NAME, PURPOSE, AND PRINCIPAL OFFICE Section 1: Name The official name of the Club shall be the Macomb Bomber Booster Club. The Club is incorporated under the General-Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Illinois. Section 2: Purpose The Primary purpose of the Club shall be …

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Board Members & Officers

Officers President: Lori Stortzum Vice President: Julie Stufflebeam Past-President: NA Treasurer: Nicole Allensworth Secretary: Lisa Scalf School Board Representative: Ardell Thompson Board Members for 2021-2022 Nicole Allensworth Gary Daytner Jenn Emerick Jill Beck Jamison Holthaus Marlena Lee Johnny McKee Angie Rash Lisa Scalf Lori Stortzum Julie Stufflebeam Margaret Taylor Brooklee Whitford Bart Whitney Natalie Goc …

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Meeting Schedule

Bomber Booster Meetings Generally, the Bomber Booster Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the high school teacher’s lounge (which is right off the commons). The first part of the meeting is generally open to all Bomber Booster Club members. As needed, the president may call for an executive session, …

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This page will be updated after the fall 2021 membership drive.   Save Last updated: 08/18/21

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Recent Purchases

The Macomb Bomber Booster Club is an organization of fans, alumni, friends, parents, and businesses, which provides funding for more than 300 student-athletes with resources they need to compete at the high school level and to succeed in the classroom. 2016 – 2017 Athletic Program Equipment and Supply Purchases by the Bomber Boosters The Macomb Bomber Boosters have …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Q:  Can anyone be a Booster? A:  Yes.  We are happy to have any fan, alumni, friend, parent, grandparent, or business join us in showing our Bomber Pride.   Q:  Will I have to work the concession stand if I join? A:  No.  Parents of students on each athletic team are asked …

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Advertise With Us

Two great ways to show your spirit, support MHS athletic programs, and help your business at the same time. Sports Programs Advertise your business in the Macomb Bomber Booster Sports Programs! 2500 copies go out annually during Fall, Winter, and Spring sports seasons. Call 309-833-2114 (and talk to advertising). Football Field Banners Would you like to …

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Contact Us

Email Email: macombbomberboosters@gmail.com Our Activities For information about membership, spirit merchandise, our events, etc., please use the pages in the menu bar above.  If you have questions about our activities please contact the following people directly. For questions about: Membership: Ashley Swedell Spirit Merchandise: Susan Creasey Advertising with us: Brooklee Whitford Website To ask questions, …

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