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Board Members & Officers


President: Sharon Evans

Vice President: Susan Creasey

Past-President: Laura Cody

Treasurer: Gina Bickers

Secretary: Karen Walter

School Board Representative: Ardell Thompson

Board Members for 2017-2018

Gina Bickers
Susan & Rob Creasey
Sharon Evans
Chris & Curt Farr
Scott & Dee Dee Higgins
Cricket & Bill Howard
Diane Hudgens
John Ogle & Jennifer Jones
Angie & Todd Rash
Troy & Kim Rhoads
Ashley & Steve Swedell
Scott and Ann Urch
Dan & Karen Walter
Pat and Susan Osterman
Scott and Christy Foster
Mike and Kathy Waters
Julie & Kris Stufflebeam
Brooklee & Brad Whitford

Athletic Director: Dave Bartlett

Webmaster: Jim Olsen

Date edited: August 14, 2018

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