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Board Members & Officers


President: Lori Stortzum

Vice President: Julie Stufflebeam

Past-President: Sharon Evans

Treasurer: Nicole Allensworth

Secretary: Lisa Scalf

School Board Representative: Ardell Thompson

Board Members for 2021-2022

Nicole Allensworth
Gary Daytner
Jenn Emerick
Scott Higgins
Jamison Holthaus
Carrie Kessler
Marlena Lee
Johnny McKee
Angie Rash
Troy Rhodes
Lisa Scalf
Lori Stortzum
Julie Stufflebeam
Margaret Taylor
Brooklee Whitford
Bart Whitney

Membership Chair: Jenn Emerick

Advertising: Brooklee Whitford

Spirit: Carrie Kessler

Concessions: Scott Higgins

Athletic Director: Steve Horrell

Webmaster: Jim Olsen

Date edited: August 17, 2021

Please report errors, suggestions, and corrections to Jim Olsen (jr-olsen “at” gmail.com).

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