Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can anyone be a Booster?

A:  Yes.  We are happy to have any fan, alumni, friend, parent, grandparent, or business join us in showing our Bomber Pride.


Q:  Will I have to work the concession stand if I join?

A:  No.  Parents of students on each athletic team are asked to work admissions or the concession stands during the season their child participates in that activity.  This is coordinated through a team parent.


Q:  How do the Boosters raise money?

A:  We work hard raising money through Booster Club Membership fees, Concession stand sales, Sports program advertisement sales, Fence banner advertisement sales, Bomber spirit hut items, and Donations.


Q:  Where does the money go that the Boosters raise?

A:  All 21 of the Macomb High School athletic programs benefit from the Bomber Boosters.


Q:  How is the money used?

A:  Over the past seven years, the Bomber Boosters have invested more than $210,000 towards Athletic Trainers on the sidelines, large and small equipment purchases, summer camps, summer league fees, summer transportation, end of the season awards, and college scholarships for our student athletes.


Q:  How can I help the Macomb student athletes?

A:  You CHOOSE to help in whatever way you feel comfortable.  The simplest way you can help is by joining the Bomber Boosters.  If you have other skills that would benefit Macomb athletics, then please let us know.  We are always working to maintain and improve our program through various ways.


Q:  How are our student-athletes achieving in the classroom?

A:  In 2015-2016, 18 of the Macomb High School athletic teams met the GPA criteria for the IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award:

Baseball 3.330

Basketball Boys 3.270

Basketball Girls 3.490

Cheerleading 3.660

Cross Country Boys 3.580

Cross Country Girls 3.560

Dance 3.580

Football 2.840

Golf Boys 3.020

Golf Girls 3.580

Soccer Boys 3.600

Soccer Girls 3.580

Softball 3.470

Swimming Boys 3.300

Swimming Girls 3.700

Tennis Boys 3.720

Tennis Girls 3.400

Track and Field Boys 3.250

Track and Field Girls 3.400

Volleyball 3.500

Wrestling 2.830

Information posted: 7/29/2016