Bomber M

New Bomber M Sculpturebomberm9-2016

The Macomb Bomber Booster Club is excited about a new project we started summer and fall of 2016. Our organization helps Macomb athletes with purchasing athletic equipment, other expenses, and camps along with keeping the pride of the Bombers at the forefront. We are happy to announce our newest renovation project. The track donor sign has been on campus since 2004. Located southeast of the track/football field, it has become worn and was falling apart. We have hired a local sculptor, Duke Oursler from the WIU campus to help us. We will be replacing the donor sign with a new sculpture recognizing all the donors that helped build our track in 2004. Duke will be working with stainless steel and core10 materials to build the new sculpture. We are excited about this new venture, because it will not only recognize past donors, but also be a focal point for fans entering the stadium. We continue to work to keep our campus full of Bomber PRIDE!

Update: Installed September 2016. Looks Great!

Update:We have realized that there are some errors on the sculpture in the lists of names. We are in the process of fixing the sculpture.